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Saving the world the way you want shouldn't be complicated.

Now, it doesn't have to be.

Streamlined legal services to get you covered.

You have a vision for a non-profit that will truly save the world.

You want to get up and running!

But, you understand the urgent need for legal protections and the need to do everything right up front, to avoid problems down the line.

This isn't one of those things you "get to later", it's one of the most important steps you can take for your new non-profit!

I offer the major legal services you'll need to get started opening and operating your nonprofit.   I also explain exactly what I'm charging you for and am available to you every step of the way.

Want to learn more?  Browse the non-profit services list down below and feel free to contact me any time with questions!

Everything you need to run a world-saving non-profit.

One-Hour ´╗┐Consultation´╗┐                                                                                           

Not sure where to start with your non-profit or need a little guidance for your current situation? In our one-hour consultation, we'll go over what you're doing right, what could use improving, and everything in between when it comes to the legalities of your awesome non-profit. You can also just check in with me about anything you need.

Non-Profit State Incorporation ´╗┐                                                                                                                     

Running a successful non-profit has one important first step: starting that non-profit! With this service, I can help you get incorporated and get that initial step flying. Non-Profit incorporation isn't hard, but it does require some knowledge and experience, especially if you plan to file for a 501(c)(3) down the line.

501(c)(3) Application

The IRS....gross. Unfortunately, running a successful non-profit means getting that all-too-important tax exemption. I can help you get everything you need in order to file for a 501(c)(3) public charity tax exemption...and then I can do the filing for you! I'll also be around to answer any questions you have along the way (and you'll probably have lots!).

Non-Profit Governance Policies & Advising

Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, Whistleblower Policy, Anti-Harassment Policy...what is all that? Well, those are all really important policies in the life of your non-profit and as always with legal protections, it's best to get those things in place sooner rather than later! Come chat with me to help you get your non-profit governance policies in order.

Non-Profit IP Protection & Advising

Non-profits have intellectual property to protect, just like commercial businesses. Non-profits also need to have staff policies in place to make sure they don't get hammered for intellectual property infringement (it happens a lot!). I can help you protect yournon-profits IP, as well as advise your staff on what not to do in terms of other people's IP (especially on social media).


Want to get a huge influx of cash into your non-profit? Or, conversely, are you around super successful and you want to spread the love around by providing grants to other non-profits? I can help in either case, whether it is advising on or drafting a grant application or helping you with your grant agreements.

Service & Employment Contracts

Employees...independent contractors...volunteers, oh my! I can help on internal and external policies, agreements, and general advising and counsel on your staff, contractors, volunteers, and anyone else. I can also help just be around to bounce ideas off of, especially as related to the growth of your non-profit.

Need a legal service that isn't listed here?

Feel free to fill out my quick contact form telling me what you need, and I'll get back to ASAP!

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