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I believe in flat-fee billing.

The old legal model of huge retainers, hourly billing, and a money-centered relationship that puts attorney and client at odds just doesn't work.

Most law firms will tell you that hourly billing is necessary.

And don't get me wrong: for litigation, I understand that there may not be a better way to do it. Yet.

But for a transactional practice that helps entrepreneurs get their businesses going, there's a much easier way to deliver great, affordable legal services.

Flat fees.

I don't litigate anymore, because I left traditional practice to focus on my dream of helping others build their dreams.

Because of this, I can offer you a legal model that I believe in.

You see, I believe hourly billing incentivizes attorneys to spend as much time on a project as possible...while making the client feel like they have no control over their own funds. Not only that, it's in the client's best interest for their attorney to be efficient with their time. 

But a lot of lawyers just want to pad the bill.

When you decide to bring me on as your attorney, whether it's for one project or one hundred, I quote you a flat fee based on the amount of time I expect the project to take, the amount of work involved, and the communication and follow-up I'll be available for along the way. 

I have enough experience to understand your project very well, early on, and to give you a clear picture of its structure.

If it ends up taking me longer or ends up being more work, well, that's on me and the fee to you is exactly the same.

I believe strongly in this model because I believe strongly that high-quality legal services should be available to everyone. Not just the folks that can afford to pay the giant law firms ​thousands of dollars in unclear, amped-up hourly bills.

And I know how that terrible system is because I worked at one of those giant law firms for about five minutes before I decided I couldn't get onboard with a business model that was designed to make as much money as possible while caring very little about the client and services.

​Do you know how much an associate attorney at one of those big law firms is expected to bill every year?

​2200 hours.

If you divide that by 50 weeks in a year (with two left for vacations), that's 44 hours a week.

44 BILLABLE hours.

At any and all costs.

When I worked at a big firm like that, I was told that if I thought of something off-handedly regarding a case, I should bill for it. I was told that if I pulled up a document and glanced at it for a few seconds before putting it aside, I should bill for it.

I was told that if I was on the toilet thinking about a case, I should bill for it.


That underhanded life of an extreme focus on money for a giant corporate machine wasn't for me.

The life I wanted was a life where I could help as many people as possible in an easy, valuable, and accessible way.

So let me help. 

 After all, my goal is to provide stream-lined legal services for entrepreneurs created by an actual entrepreneur

If you think I can help you and your new, exciting business venture, browse some of the
services I offer and feel free to contact me any time with questions!

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